Have you heard about one of the new most exciting ways to make money while driving for Ride Share companies like Uber/Lyft?

Well now you have!

Welcome to Golden Carrots, where we're Creating Opportunity Everywhere. Golden Carrots is an incentive program that enables small businesses and independent contractors to offer amazing incentives such as 3 Day, 2 Night Vacations, and Thousands of dollars in Grocery and Restaurant Certificates to grow their businesses. And now YOU will give businesses the power to offer these heavily sought after incentives!


Businesses will now have better access to:

-Positive Rating Influence
-Building Customer Loyalty and Referral Programs
-Getting people to view their business opportunity or presentation





  1.  Sign up for FREE! 
  2. Get your advertisement sign from Golden Carrots!  (Size: 4 inches! A 1/2 sheet of paper!)
  3. Start giving away a bunch of cool gifts to your Riders!  
  4. Get PAID! 


Here's 5 reasons YOU should become a Golden Carrots Affiliate:

Reason 1: Ratings.

Every driver needs positive ratings to be able to continue driving for Ride Share companies. Our Affiliates have access to an unlimited supply of incentives, to give to your Riders as a "Thank You" for riding with you. It helps ensure good ratings, and positive feedback. Essentially you'll be getting paid to give away "Thank You" gifts to your Riders.

Reason 2: Residual Income.

Being a Golden Carrots Affiliate creates opportunity for you to make a residual income during each trip you accept from your Ride Share company. Which is why we ask the question, "Would you like to make money off of your Rider one time, or every time?" Keep in mind, there are absolutely NO SALES involved. We've created a seamless way to help Drivers make more money, and Riders thankful they met you.

Reason 3: Flexible Schedule.

Work whenever you want, wherever you want. Work the same schedule you're currently working now! 

Reason 4: Weekly Payouts, Bonuses, and Incentives


And last but not least...

Reason 5: Benefits Packages.

That's right! After 1 month of being a Golden Carrots Affiliate and meeting the minimum criteria for eligibility, our Affiliates are eligible for Supplemental benefits and you will receive a 20 to 50% discount by being a Golden Carrots Affiliate.


Have Questions?

Email with any questions you may have.